Sunday, March 24, 2013

School Stuff & Crafts My Sister Made

Hi everyone!  Long time, no see...  again...  I have not actually made any kind of cards/crafts in over a month!  It's about time that I start setting aside some time to do that...  I don't have a card to share today, but I do have some school projects that I thought were cute & fun, so I decided to post them for ya!  I'm also going to show you some cute projects that my sister has been working on (she's very talented, but she doesn't think so)...  :)  I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in such a long time, I'm going to try and be better... 

This was a super simple project that my sister made using some of the scrapbook paper from my stash.  We just found a cute patterned paper, chose solid colored cardstock to match, and then she traced their hands and stacked them...  VOILA!    I think it came out really adorable!
Here's a "no soliciting" sign that she made.  She just picked up a frame, some scrapbook paper & stickers, and some ribbon and put this little beauty together!

My sister also made this Cat in the Hat poster that goes along with the new common core standards in Kindergarten.  When she showed me this, my jaw dropped!  Super cute!
We had our annual Family Literature Night last week and my booth was featuring the author/illustrator, Mo Willems.  I LOVE HIS BOOKS (and so do the kids)!  To make this poster, I just sketched out the characters, colored them with chalk, and traced them with black Sharpie.  The idea for coloring with chalk is a technique I stole borrowed from my sister.  :)

Saw the idea for these balloons on Pinterest (a website I feel I may be addicted to).  These were extremely easy to make; just a balloon and a Sharpie...

Here's a shot of the entire booth all put together!  Here I am with my friend, Shelly...  We aren't too cool to wear a pigeon headband!  The headbands were really easy to make and the kids LOVED them!  It's literally just a blue circle, white circle, black circle, and yellow triangle.  The kids glued them together, then we attached them to a sentence strip and put them on their little noggins.  It was really cute to see all of the little "pigeons" walking around the auditorium!  :)

Well, there's a little snapshot of what I've been up to...  I hope to be back soon with some sort of card!  :)  Thanks for stopping by!!!!!


jessica said...

Missed you around here Amy but thanks for checking in with some AWESOME projects!!!
Love what your sister has done...she has some awesome talent!!
AND that Mo Willems booth and decor are AMAZING!!!
Thanks for sharing and hope to see you back :)

Georgiana said...

I understand that school keeps us busy! We are on Spring Break this week and then there are only 9 weeks left! Hope you find some crafting time to help keep your sanity during the end of year rush!

Brenda said...

Well we have missed you Amy, but totally know how busy school can be! I love all your sister's projects, you really must convince her of her talent!!! The hands thing is awesome! Heck all of it is awesome! I love your school stuff too, how cute your booth looks and even cuter with you ladies and your headbands!! I bet the students were so cute with theirs too. Thanks for letting us know what you've been up too!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back, Amy!! Missed you!


Jennifer said...

Ahhh, I love it!!! What a great idea for the Pigeon hats.