Sunday, December 22, 2013

Elf on the Shelf in my Classroom (and other Christmas stuff)!!! :)

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas (well, almost)!  I am so excited to be posting on my blog again!  It's been far too long...  But, I have been super busy and having a great time!  Haven't been in my craft room AT ALL lately, however I have been making some things for my classroom.  This summer, my parents and I went on an Alaskan cruise!  It was AMAZING!!!!!  I will post more about the cruise and classroom projects later...  For now, I wanted to show you some cute things that my Elf on the Shelf was up to in my classroom.  I had been seeing a lot about the Elf on the Shelf, and it intrigued me...  I wanted to get an Elf and have it pulling fun little shenanigans, but I don't have kids at home.  Then I started seeing the idea of using the Elf in the classroom and I just had to have one!  Here's what mine did over the two weeks leading up to Christmas break...

My classroom tree!

  The elf makes his first appearance.  The kids were so excited!  Oh, and we named him Buddy...

Buddy drew on our white board!

Buddy built himself a chair and Christmas tree out of linking cubes.

 Hanging in the Christmas tree.

Climbed into the tissue box and tucked himself in.  It was pretty cold in the classroom!

Ate some of our Sour Patch candies!  I told the kids that elves love sugar, so it does make sense...

Made a snow angel on our reading table.

Buddy brought us a candy cane growing kit from the North Pole.  So, we planted the seeds and...

The seeds grew into candy canes!!!!!!  We couldn't believe that this happened while we were at lunch!

He colored a picture of himself.

 He sharpened some pencils.

He brought us some brand new pencils!

He read a story to our "Furry Friends" (we have Build a Bear animals in our room).

He sat in our marble jar.

He brought us hot cocoa to drink on the last day before vacation.  There was also a note from Santa telling us to watch The Polar Express while we drank it!

Hanging from our flag pole.

Santa came and filled up our bags with presents!!!!

Buddy's farewell.  He watched guard over our gifts from Santa, and he left us a goodbye note.  The kids were sad to see him go back to the North Pole, and so was I!

This was just too cute!  My boyfriend came to help me in my classroom on the last day, and he brought me these flowers!  He said that Buddy had called him and told him to bring these to the teacher...  Awww...  Needless to say, I melted like a snowman on a hot summer's day!  :)

These are the ornaments my kids made for their gift to take home.  I let them choose what colors they wanted for the pipe cleaners and fuzzies, and I had to hot glue them on.  The inside is filled with fake snow, and they drew on the eyes, nose, and mouth with Sharpie paint pens.  Saw this idea on Pinterest!  Worked out awesome!

At home my niece and I made homemade Gak!  The directions are right here.  I added dry grape Kool-Aid mix to my Gak.  It gave it color (without staining our hands) AND it made it smell amazing!

We also made homemade Butterfingers.  These were so delicious!  Recipe is here.  They are dairy free, so I had to make them for my little Chloe!  She really enjoyed them, and so did everyone else!  :)

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you are all doing great, and I hope to be back soon with another post.  See you soon!  :)