Monday, October 31, 2011

Candy Corn Card

Happy Halloween everyone (well, what's left of it)!!!  I came home from work today and I just really wanted to make a card for Halloween while I still had the chance....  It was fun at work today, the kids always love this holiday!  They were actually really calm all day, you could have heard a pin drop during math!  :)  They had a costume parade and we had a party with lots of goodies...  This card was really fun to make...  I like the way that candy corns look (they are super cute), but I don't really like to eat them!  I'm more of a chocolate kind of girl...  :) 

Crazy 4 Challenges- include candy
Peachy Keen LFIF Challenge- creepy cute
Paper Playtime- anything goes

A2 sized card
Mini Monsters- candy corn girl cut at 3.82"
Peachy Keen Stamps- Everyday Character Face Assortment
My Creative Time Stamps- All Around Halloween
Stickles- yellow, star dust, black diamond
K & Company paper

Here's a picture from the Tarantula Festival that I went to this weekend.  It was a really fun festival, and I just can't get over the proud feeling I have for letting that spider crawl on me!!!  It is a seriously huge fear of mine, and I don't know why I felt compelled to let this HUGE guy walk on my hand!  I'm so glad that I did!  :)  This picture is of me and my mom...

AAAAAHHHHH!!!!  See you soon!  :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Birthday Sundaes Guest Designer!!! :)

Hey everyone!!!  I am so excited to be a guest designer over at Birthday Sundaes!!!  I am also excited that I was able to get back into my craft room and make something!  It felt great to go through my paper packs, stamps, etc....  I am feeling so much better and I had a great time yesterday at a tarantula festival!  I have a major case of aracnophobia, but I actually let a real, live tarantula crawl across the back of my hand!!!!  It was a really proud moment for me to overcome such a huge fear of mine!  I will be posting some pictures later from the festival, and hopefully a card to go with it....  :)  Now onto my card for Birthday Sundaes...  I love this challenge blog (it's one of my faves)!  The challenge was to create a birthday card with any theme...  I hope you enjoy what I came up with, and that you will check out all of the other guest designer's blogs!  :)

Birthday Bash- elephant cut at 4.65"
Sweet Treats- party hat cut at 1.71", cupcake cut at 1.47"
My Creative Time stamp set-  Wow! So Many Candles
Stickles- star dust
Glossy Accents

There it is!  Hope you enjoy it, and it feels great to be back!!!  :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Giveaway Winner!!!

Hello everyone!  Before I start this, let me just say again how grateful I am for all of the support I am receiving!  :)  You guys are the best!!!  I can't believe I went another week without crafting!  I have been super busy!  Today was fun too...  I spent time with my family and we went to a delicious bakery and went shopping!  :)  I am working on some thank you cards right now, but I didn't want to forget to post a winner for my giveaway!  This lucky lady will get to choose a gift card to the store of her choice!  Fingers crossed....  Drumroll please....  And the winner is.....

Number 12-  Amy @

YAY Amy!!!!  :)  You can choose a gift card from Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's or Michaels!!!  Woo hoo!  Just e-mail your choice and your mailing address to

Thanks again to everyone who joined this giveaway and for all of the wonderful comments you have been leaving for me!  See you soon!  :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another Update

Hello everyone!  I'm so sorry that I haven't been on here to give you another update...  I want to start by saying that I appreciate all of your kind words and support!  Every time that I receive another comment from one of my buddies, I feel so much better!  :)  I apologize in advance for the negativity in this post, but it is unbelievable that someone I trusted did this to me, and it helps me cope when I am able to vent and discuss this.  This will be the last post that I ever write about Daniel Lagow (I feel the name Danny is too cheerful a word for him)...  In the week since I last posted I have found out so many disturbing things about this person, that I literally can't believe I have been fooled for this long!  I spoke with Daniel's mistress on the phone and she did not know about me (well she claimed not to).  She said that she met him in July 2010 at a bar.  He wasn't wearing a ring, asked her for her number that night, and then told her he has been divorced for 3 years!  I'm disgusted knowing that he picked her up like that, then came home to me and crawled into my bed!!!  I told her all of the lies that he has been feeding me, and I told her that he was sleeping in my bed up until he moved into her house almost 3 weeks ago.  He called me after I hung up with her, and he threatened me and yelled at me.  I have also discovered that he was keeping me a secret from his co-workers!  He has been telling everyone that he works with that he has been divorced for 2 years!  I found it strange that he never introduced me to his friends, but he does work an opposite schedule from me, so it made sense that our paths never crossed...  One of his co-workers found it strange that he was saying we have been divorced 2 years, but he was still driving my car to work...  His family didn't even know that Daniel had taken my car from me, and that I haven't been behind the wheel of a car in 2 years!  He told his family that we were sharing my car, which is not true.  Daniel has been taking dinner to his mistress on lunch breaks, and telling me he is working over time almost every night and then going to her house after work.  He even worked "over time" on my birthday, his birthday, Valentine's Day, our anniversary, etc.  As I mentioned, he has moved in with her (the day he left me) and it is less than 2 miles from my home!  Daniel went to my sister's wedding in Las Vegas with me in July, and he told his mistress and co-workers that he was going on a guy's weekend!!!  In reality, he was spending time with his wife, her family, and sharing an intimate moment with all of us!  After Daniel left me I also discovered all of the bills he didn't pay and I found out that he has been smoking cigarettes for years!  His co-worker told me that when he was in school they used to tell him to bring me out with them when they went for a few drinks and he would tell them "she used to party, but she doesn't anymore", or he would say "she doesn't like to go out".  That really hurt my feelings because I am a really fun person, and I do like going out!  I'm also disgusted because I paid for Daniel's college education, and I supported him financially at home by paying all of the bills.  I also used to quiz him for tests, proofread his reports, etc., etc...  I'm sad that his friends never got to meet me, and that they probably have a very different picture in their head of me (and, of course, they think that I'm his ex-wife)...  If his mistress has any common sense (*Update, she doesn't have any common sense- he's still living there), she will get rid of him right now before it's too late!  After she talked to me, he probably turned on the tears, told her he would never do that to her, he never loved me, he left me for her, blah, blah, blah...  He is a sociopath, a pathological liar, and a parasite!  I was his host for a while, but he has drained everything out of me, and he has moved on to the next host!  I will end this post with some pictures of the wedding that I had with this person 5 years ago....  I will never think of this day again, nor will I ever mention Daniel's name.  November 18 will no longer be a day of remembering our wedding, it will be a day that I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I got rid of this crazy person.   The love that I had for him is completely gone and I hope that someday I find a real man that can treat me the way that I deserve to be treated!  These pictures make me feel empty inside because I feel that he never really cared about or loved me (he has some mental problems that keep him from feeling human emotions)... 

And with that I am closing this chapter of my life...  I can't say that I regret meeting him because I learned a lot about myself and I really do love his family...  But I do feel that he has wasted 10 years of my life, and I will not waste another minute!!!!  :)  See you soon with a crafting project of some kind!!!  :)  Thanks again for the support you have shown me...

Friday, October 14, 2011


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I feel that it's time to do another giveaway!  :)  I noticed that I had hit 300 followers, and I am extremely excited!  When I started this blog, I never even expected to reach 20 (that was exciting for me too)!  I have been really bad about posting ever since I had to go back to work, and I felt I needed to give something to all of my wonderful bloggy friends out there!  So let's do a giveaway to celebrate: how wonderful you all are; reaching 300 followers; and to celebrate that Fall is officially here!  :)

Here's how you can enter my giveaway:
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For extra entries:

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Let's give away the same thing that I gave last time..... a gift card to the craft store of your choice:  Michael's, Jo-Ann, or Hobby Lobby!!!!  Woo hoo!  I will end this giveaway on October 15 and I will announce the winner on October 16...  Okay, let the fun begin!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hello everyone...  I am sorry I have not been posting very much lately, or making it over to see your wonderful blogs...  I am going through a very tough personal time that is making it hard for me to even function, eat, smile, etc.  By the time I make it home from work, I can't exert any more energy.  I consider my online buddies very special to me, so I will tell you the basic outline of what has happened.  My husband, Danny Lagow, confessed on Monday that he has been cheating on me.  He did not tell me this on his own, I found a strange phone number on our phone records that he had been making a lot of phone calls and texts to.  He left me while I was at work on Monday and he has not spoken to me since (he's being a huge coward).  It has now been a full week, and I saw them holding hands in public together on Saturday.  I found out on my own that he has been talking to her for at least a year behind my back.  I am also finding a TON of unpaid bills that he was responsible for, so I am now dealing with that mountain of debt and the overwhelming feeling of lonliness.  The love I had for him is pretty much gone, and has been replaced with negative feelings, but it is still an adjustment for me seeing that we have been together for 10 years.  I hope to be up and posting soon because I love visiting your blogs and making cards.  Crafting is a very stress relieving outlet for me and I look forward to creating "masterpieces" again.  See you soon, I'm sure.