About Me

That's me!!!  (I'm in my craft room)

Hello!  What can I say about myself?   Hmmm.....  I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, "mom" to my two little pups, etc....  I have one sister (no brothers), and I am the oldest by 2 whole years!  :)  I have been crafting for quite some time now...  My mom is very "crafty" and she would do crafts with me and my sister when were kids.  We would paint Christmas ornaments, draw, and all kinds of other fun stuff!  I have lived in the little (well, medium-sized) town of "P-ville" all my life.  I graduated from high school in 2000, and I graduated from college (with my teaching credential) in 2005. 

I bought my Cricut Expression in 2009, and I have been so impressed with how this machine has helped me in so many ways!!!!  It has been able to breathe new life into this hobby, and I am pretty much addicted to it (I use it on almost every project)!  I also enjoy using my Gypsy and Cuttlebug.  My favorite thing to make is cards, but I try to make something different every now and then.  :)  Other than crafting, I enjoy baking, reading, gardening, traveling, etc...  I've been known to sing karaoke, and I love music!  My favorite kind of music right now is "pop", but I have always loved country.  When I was a kid I wrote a letter to George Strait and I even got a teddy bear from him!  I like being silly, and I enjoy making other people laugh!  :)  I also really enjoy watching comedy movies (it's my favorite genre), and I would say that "Kingpin" is probably my favorite movie... 

When I am not at home (or hanging out with friends and family), I am at work as a second grade teacher.  I love teaching!  I started teaching Kindergarten at age 23, and I taught there for 2 years.  For 6 years I taught first grade.  For the last 2 years I have been teaching second grade and I LOVE it!  Even as a kid I knew I wanted to be a teacher.  My sister and I would "play school" and pretend we were teachers.  The funny thing is that now we are both teachers, and we teach at the same school!!!!  It's so much fun!

Well, anywho, thanks for stopping by my lil' ol' blog. :)  I created this blog as a place to post pictures of my "stuff" and I hope that someone out there will be inspired to blow the dust off of their crafting supplies and get started! ;)  If you like what you see (or just want to follow one of the very few redheads out there *hee hee), please become a follower and leave me a comment or two....  I love hearing from other crafters out there!!!