Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday Chloe!

Hello everyone!  I'm excited to be here with another project today!  This one is for my niece, Chloe.  Her birthday was actually on Sunday, but her party is today.  When I asked her what she wanted, she said she wants "spending money".  She's going to be going on a trip to Disneyland, so she wants some moolah to take with her!  :)  I saw this idea for a jar with a hidden "compartment" on Pinterest.  I didn't want to give my 8 year old niece a jar full of candy, so I decided to give her one of those mason jar cups instead.  Now the jar will have a function for her once she's eaten the candy.  I also wanted to add her name to the side, so I pulled out my vinyl, and voila!  Hope you enjoy...

Alphalicious- "Chloe" cut at 1"
Mason jar/mason jar cup
Tag made on my computer- "Happy Birthday" Captain Howdy font size 26, "sweet girl" Honey Bunches font size 48

To make the middle compartment, I just cut a piece of cardstock, rolled it up into a tube shape, stapled it, and then stood it up in the middle of the cup.  I then filled it with layers of Chloe's favorite, dairy free candies.  Bottom layer to top layer: Twizzler's bites, gummy worms, Sour Patch kids, Skittles, Happy Cola gummies.  I'm really excited to give this to her today!  Hope she likes it...  Thanks for stopping by!  :)