Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Craft Room

Hey there!  Christina at had a fun idea about posting a picture of your craft room, as is!  Mine really wasn't that messy, so I took one of how it looked with no sprucing up, and then I took a few after I cleaned it up a bit.  My "craft room" is really more of a "craft space", but I love it!!!  I'm running out of room for my cartridges, but I say the more the merrier! :)  This room is also my computer room, library, and exercise room (it has a giant elliptical in the middle of it). 

Here is the before shot.  This is actually the work area where I put my projects together.  The clear drawers have all of my pens, scissors, Cuttlebug folders, Stickles, embellishments, embossing supplies, ink pads, etc.

This picture shows my work area and the big 12 x 12 drawers that hold all of my paper, my clear stamps, my binding accessories, and seasonal craft materials.

This is where my Cricut lives!  I love the little shelf that holds my ribbon.  I think I need MORE ribbon.... 

Here's a closer look at my ribbon shelf and big paper cutter.  I love sitting my little cards on the top!

Now a final look at the whole area together.  The wooden table that I craft at was a K-Mart special about 5 years ago.  The grey folding table is from Lowe's, and my niece loves to color at the spot in front my Cricut.  It's not a fancy room, but it gets the job done!!!! :)


Carissa said...

Love your skinny shelves. I bet so much can fit and you don't get things mixed up. Really great room. And I love your owls. So cute.

Jordan McCollum said...

That's awesome! So much more organized than mine. (Mine is a set of plastic shelves in my closet, so I don't even know if that counts as a "space.")